Distinguished mayor of the city of Burgas,
Distinguished guests,
Distinguished sponsors,
Distinguished lecturers,
Distinguished exhibitors,
Esteemed colleagues and friends,

It is with immense pleasure and profound respect that I stand before you today in the beautiful city of Burgas, to celebrate the 22nd International Scientific Congress of Bulgarian Dental Association (BgDA), one of the fist congresses parts of World Dental Federation FDI Continuous Education (FDI CE). This event, created, managed and conducted by BgDA, under the patronage of Burgas Municipality has blossomed into a beacon of knowledge and innovation in the dental community during the past 21 years.

“Salus aegroti suprema lex,” – the welfare of the patient is the most important law. This ancient adage echoes through the halls of this symposium, serving as a guiding star for our deliberations and discoveries. Each year, as we convene, we recommit ourselves to this cardinal principle, ensuring that every advancement, every study, and every discussion ultimately serves the well-being of those we vow to treat and protect.

“Non sibi, sed omnibus” – not for oneself, but for all. This Congress has embodied this motto by fostering an environment of shared knowledge and mutual advancement.

The lectures, posters, oral presentations, discussions and workshops that unfold here stimulate not only our intellect but also our commitment to ethical practice and patient-centred care. “Primum non nocere,” – first, do no harm. This principle is deeply embedded in our work, reminding us of the responsibility we carry as healthcare providers.

On behalf of the names of the Managing Board of Bulgarian Dental Association, the Organising and Scientific Committees of the congress and my name I want to wish all of your sessions, full of enthusiasm and eager anticipation for the knowledge that we will share and the progress that we will undoubtedly achieve together.

Let God bless you!

For many years!
Dr. Nikolai Sharkov
Bulgarian Dental Association

President of the Organising Committee
22nd International Scientific Congress
of Bulgarian Dental Association


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