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Apical periodontitis is a common condition in our daily practice Endodontic failure is  usually characterised with apical periodontitis Major etiology factor  is a persistent infection in the canal Sometimes the infection is a secondary from the coronal leakage And sometimes the infection is extraradicular. The apical periodontitis can be managed by non surgical RCT or periradicular surgery. We will keep our attention on the non surgical, conservative treatments in this presentation showing cases protocols and follow ups
The purpose of this interactive lecture is to review the following topics: What is the main source of stress for every dental doctor, who is also owns a dental practice? Which are the 5 key levers, which every dental practice owner “orchestrates”? Which is #1 principle for sustainably leading the dental practice in order to best serve the patient?
Precancerous diseases of the oral mucosa and those of the vermillion are common pathology; in 62.7-96.4% of cases they precede the onset of cancer. Although the mucous membrane of the mouth and vermillion are visible during observation, malignant neoplasms in a large percentage of cases (more than 60%) are diagnosed by dentists in later stages. In this sense, doctors of dental medicine should pay increased attention in terms of oncological pathology, including by using additional diagnostic methods. Currently, in order to actively detect precancerous diseases and early stages of malignant neoplasms of oral cavity and vermilion, in addition to observation and palpation of the regional lymph nodes, un innovative method of screening diagnosis - fluorescence (autofluorescence) stomatoscopy
Prof.  Dr. Paula Perlea*,  Assist. Prof. Dr. Cristina Coralia Nistor* *Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila Bucharest Romania For a correct endodontic treatment we need to have an accurate diagnosis for establishing a precise treatment plan. Periapical lesions must be detected radiologically and in some cases using CBCT scanning as early as possible. Long lasting chronical apical periodontitis is causing localized inflammatory apical root resorption with important consequences:  loss of hard tissue, shortening of the root length and enlargement of the apical foramina. Conservative endodontic treatment for chronical apical periodontitis can be performed in a single visit or sometimes it is necessary to apply calcium hydroxide or Ledermix ™
Gingival recession is the final effect of interaction of multiple etiological factors. Identification and definition of the range of influence is often not possible, with the result that is still being sought new methods for testing and elimination of potential etiological factors. Aim of this study is to present the etiopathogenesis of gingival recessions with regard to the analysis of modifiable factors, including brushing teeth using powered toothbrushes and lack of vitamin D. The lecture will be presented diagnostic algorithm and case studies showing type of reconstructive soft and/or hard tissue procedure. Also, will be presented review of modern methods of treatment in individual classes recessions and directions of interdisciplinary treatment.
11:30 - 13:20
Composite restorations are a reality of day to day dentistry today. They over the last two decades have revolutionized restorative and aesthetic dentistry.  It has hoverer been always a challenge to make them look and function like natural teeth. The materials not being like tooth tissues or the inability of the practitioner to master complex clinical techniques has resulted it restorations especially in the aesthetic zone that still look like they do not belong to the individual’s dentition. In this lecture simple recipes and techniques combined with some new materials are being explained for the average practitioner to be able to do life like restorations with ease making them biomimetic and also to understand steps that can be taken to minimize or eliminate postoperative
Introduction The relationship between laser radiation and the human body is cascaded as a result of oscillatory processes that are triggered by the method of Turbulent Laser Medicine (TLM). The question of the effectiveness of TLM in cases of chronic functional disorders of the chewing apparatus is still debatable. Goal   The aim of this work was to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of TLM in prosthetic dentistry in order to demonstrate both the necessity and the benefits of it and to give patients the chance to get a clear idea of their own health, convince the success of the treatment .The main task of the presentation is to review the clinical cases solved with different types of occlusal therapy combined with TLM. Because of these practical needs, we have focused our research on s
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In daily endodontic practice we can find many difficulties: ledges, blockages, abrupt curvatures, pulp stones, calcified canals. Those things are a challenge for the operator and, in the “technological age of endo”, the line between GP and the Endodontists. Calcified canals are frequent in our adult patients and calcifications could have different colours and stuctures. Where and how to find the canal orifices and how to scout them appropriately will be described with a microscopic approach, and different microscopic operative procedures to solve the problems will be given and explained. The focus will be on the use of the proper light, the right instruments and a wetting technique, teaching the participants the tools for a correct problem-solving approach.
Tooth extraction is the a common surgical intervention in dental medicine. It is performt daily in  all dental practices. Almost in all cases she passed   without complications. However, every patients  should be treated carefully  and responsibility. Like any surgical procedures, it could be risks -  during and after surgery. Currently such surgical care is looking for a number of patients with systemic diseases. Most commonly patients with cardiovascular disorders, followed by endocrine disorder, hemorrhagic disease. In this lecture we present patients with systemic diseases and instancy  of  surgical interventions in the oral cavity. There are also present some relatively not so common diseases for practice. They are consequence of the treatment with some new molecules in med
Dental medicine is not an isolated discipline but part of general medicine. Pathological processes in the mouth have similar features as ones in other systems and organs and there is mutual dependence and bilateral influence. General diseases often affect the condition of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth, but an altered oral condition also affects the general health condition. Numerous processes (physiological and pathological) in other parts of the body alter the usual characteristics of the oral cavity, affecting the dentition, the gingiva, the tongue, the mucosa, the saliva, the oral ecosystem, etc. In both dental and general medicine, the same markers may be used. The oral cavity and its physiological contents are readily available for examination due to non-invasive method
14:30 - 16:00
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14:30 - 16:30
Nowadays, clear aligner treatment is a viable way to treat and solve malocclusion successfully, especially in adult patients who request for an aesthetic orthodontic treatment. If initially they were limited to solve only very simple malocclusions, little by little the range of cases which can be treated using this approach has been notably augmented. F22 aligner was created by the University of Ferrara and it came directly from the research. The points of strength are: superior aesthetic properties, optimal mechanical behaviour and improved fitting. Each case is set out by an orthodontist of University of Ferrara with superior therapeutic skills in clear aligner therapy.
Hristov – Plovdiv Medical University, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Department of prosthetic dentistry Background: Use of wax-up and mock-up is absolutely obligatory in modern dentistry. It is essential in cases of rehabilitation, connected with changes in shape, volume, vertical dimension, as well as severe forms of abrasion. The aim of the lecture is to acquaint the audience with the different stages of complete restoration in achieving optimal clinical result, as well as to specify the terms used in the specialized literature. Materials and methods: The materials used in the consecutive stages of treatment are: various kinds of gypsum models, wax and silicone “keys”. A brief classification of the mock-up materials, as well as the temporary cements will be presented.
09:00 - 10:30
Excessive bone resorption, presence of thin, non-resilient mucosa, exostoses or painful neurogenic points require a specific clinical approach. Prosthetic treatment with complete dentures, relined with elastic materials is a method of choice, eliminating a number of clinical problems. The lecture will discuss the indications and contraindications for relining complete dentures with elastic materials, types of elastic relining materials depending on their chemical composition and final hardness and own clinical case. Frequently clinical problems with the use of elastic relining materials – detachment of the elastic material from the prosthetic base, colonization of Candida spp., etc. and options for resolving them will be presented. Specific practical guidelines for cleaning and storag
10:30 - 12:30
Evidence-based dentistry has substantially changed the scientific body related to prosthodontics, which, with great emphasis on clinical skills, has been the major developing area of dentistry. Achievements in Dental Materials caused a great change in Dental prosthodontics. With new trends in Adhesive and Aesthetic Dentistry, restoration types and materials are changed. On the other hand, the integration of oral implantology with prosthodontics has yielded a determined trend toward biology-driven therapeutics and science in Prosthodontics Three-dimensional digital technology has emerged as a breakthrough tool completely changing the diagnostic and treatment approaches in prosthodontics. This lecture will address new concepts and materials in prosthodontic dentistry. We will dis
14:00 - 16:00
08.06.2019 г. – 14.00 – 17.00 - DR. VITTORIO FRANCO, ITALY, VDW GmbH COMPANY – “SHAPING ROOT CANALS WITH THE RECIPROC BLUE SINGLE FILE TECHNIQUE”, HALL № 4, GRAND HOTEL “POMORIE” Endodontic treatments can often be made simple , with a modern approach. The majority of root canal treatments could be easier and less stressful if we use modern instruments with an appropriate technique. The purpose of this hand on course is to describe, step by step, an easy and safe way to treat endodontic cases in a simple way with predictable results. Reciprocation was introduced few years ago as a paradigm shift in root canal shaping procedure and nowadays is the new gold standard. Heat treated Ni-Ti files are more flexible and bendable, giving to clinician more options and m

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