Mina Petrova

Mina Petrova

Mina Petrova – digital marketing expert

My name is Mina Petrova and I have been involved in marketing for 15 years. I graduated in 2006 with honors from a high school with foreign languages ​​with a profile in German and Russian. At the same time, I have always studied English, as well as taught it. I also speak Italian.

From a young age I have a passion to express myself through text and writing, as well as to communicate with people. That is why I started my higher education in public relations at NBU, where I graduated after 4 years of study. Shortly afterwards, I completed a master’s degree in advertising and lifestyle with a strong focus on semiotic brand research.

I have been advertising on Facebook for almost 10 years. Subsequently, I became an expert in other networks such as LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit and others. Mail marketing is also included in my successful fields of development, including the automation of commercial progress.

That is why my professional interests are logically in the field of artificial intelligence implemented in marketing, algorithms in general in social networks, as well as advertising platforms that allow automation.

My work in the field of customer service has brought me an understanding of the customer, which helps me in the daily work related to each customer, who is usually from a different industry.

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