17, June 2023
09:00 – 09:45

Treatment planning in the aesthetics zone

“Treatment planning in aesthetics zone ” is a didactic lecture for both dentists that start doing  smile design and those comfortable with their basic skills but would like to advance to the next level. The purpose of this presentation will be to teach all participants the skills necessary to successfully perform motivational mock ups, place ceramic veneers and crowns and introduce them to more advanced procedures.
The beauty of digital workflow and mock up is that it can be successfully planed by any dentist that is willing to learn the basic techniques. If you are currently not providing digital planning in your practice on a regular basis or do not feel confident, this lecture will provide you with the skills necessary to gain that confidence. If you think you know how to do preparations for veneers and want to improve your skills and learn how to treat more demanding cases, this program is also for you. Most importantly how to stay out of trouble and how to deal with demanding patients.
• Introduction to smile design basics
• Patient communications and digital treatment planning
• Pre-restorative digital esthetic analysis and treatment
• Psychology of Success
• Clinical techniques from A to Z
• Fundamentals of tooth preparation
• When to prepare and when not to
• Advanced preparation techniques
• No or less preparation for veneers
• Tissue management
• Conservative alternatives
• Esthetic analysis, control, and achievement
• Dealing with problems: patient’s acceptance.

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