Treatment of children under general anesthesia as a method of pharmacological management of behavior

Treatment of children under general anesthesia as a method of pharmacological management of behavior

Pediatric dentistry is psychological rather than technological discipline, therefore pharmacological management of behavior by using general anesthesia in problem children, where the routine methods of behavioral management are not useful, is absolutely necessary to achieve  a complete oral rehabilitation.


Two are the main reasons for the behavioural problems in paediatric dentistry have two  – age and/or psychic disorders.


The problems in pediatric treatment are defined by the dramatic gap between severity of clinical findings and misadaption of dental treatment in the context of extraordinary dynamic of development in maxillo-facial region, including teeth.


In recent decades, epidemiological researches indicate an increase in ECC in our country and worldwide.The number of children with manifestations of the autistic spectrum also increases. They are a serious challenge for every clinicist. The right approach for these children is the application of effective and harmless treatment and behavioral control.

Children with specific health needs in need of dental treatment constitute a significant group.Their clinical problems are associated with  the specific pathology, the need of exact clinical evaluation of advantage to risk ratio and the necessity of interdisciplinary approach.

General anesthesia is a method of choice for a very young children with significant pathology, severely negative children and those with special needs. This method of treatment implies a very high quality of treatment and prevention of the negative sensations associated with routine dental treatment.

The indications for treatment under general anesthesia in pediatric dentistry and the useful clinical approaches of this kind of treatment are presented in the current lecture.

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