08, June 2018
13:30 – 15:30

Resin Composite Madness: Trendy Isolation Tips and Tricks

Dental esthetics and minimal invasiveness have become increasingly important during the last decade when considering diagnosis and treatment planning. Adhesive dentistry has changed the daily work routine of dentists, since it has provided many benefits for both patients and professionals. However, the advances in adhesive dentistry come with an increasing challenge for dentists, as adhesive techniques are more sensitive than conventional ones. So, field isolation is not a luxurious procedure during different restorative treatments. Conventional rubber dam isolation is still the gold standard protocol when concerning field isolation, but the operators may face some obstacles when isolating specific areas during their restorative procedures using such conventional techniques. These may include the cervical areas of teeth or deeply seated margins requiring some solutions to achieve hermatic seal for more predictable outcomes . The aim of this session is to present different new isolation techniques using either rubber dam or other isolation methods that facilitate different restorative procedures.

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