18, June 2022
09:00 – 11:00

Prosthetic driven soft tissue management concept – for a successful aesthetic results in implantology

Nowadays patients became more demanding about aesthetic results when replacing missing tooth with implant. The current trend is shifting from merely restoring the loss of function to complete restoring with which we want to achieve a natural appearance of restorations on implants. To completely fulfil the high level of expectations it is very important that we approach implantology holistically and with vision. The placement of the implants should be driven in a way that creates a sufficient amount of space for prosthetic components – prosthetic driven implantology. However gingival architecture referred to as pink aesthetics is one of the important factor for complete success in a restorative dental treatment. Many different reconstructive surgical procedures have been developed to attain better aesthetics results of the pink components. Although, in restorative procedures it is very challenging to achieve optimal balance between white and pink components and stable results, especially if preforming procedures separately. However, to successfully overcome mentioned concerns it is desirable to perform the prosthetic and soft tissue procedures simultaneously, immediately right from the beginning. Prosthetic components should be properly designed and applied at the right time during the soft tissue manipulation procedures – prosthetic driven soft tissue management. In this manner the soft tissue is optimally shaped which is crucial to attained emergence profile of natural shape and size and successful final aesthetics results.

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