17, June 2023
15:30 – 16:30

Periodontal-prosthetic approach in interdisciplinary treatment

Modern dentistry imposes increasingly high demands to clinicians in order to ensure not only longevity and functionality, but also the achievement of aesthetic results. The biggest challenges for the dentists are aesthetic restorations in the frontal area of the upper jaw, which also require a change in the soft tissue contour and volume. In recent years, many changes have occurred in preparation techniques, allowing as minimally invasive preparations for the hard dental tissues as possible, while allowing the management of the soft tissue profile by changing the contour of the restorations. These changes also require changes in the design of surgical techniques for soft tissue and bone correction to meet current standards of minimal invasiveness and predictability, as well as to accommodate changes in dissection protocols.

The presentation will demonstrate the modern methods of diagnosis, planning and treatment of patients who need aesthetic restorations, requiring a change in the coronal contour and volume.

Basic knowledge/skills that the lecture will provide to attendees:

– Protocol for clinical decisions in patients with a need for aesthetic restorations, in which a change in the coronal contour and volume is required.

– Basic diagnostic parameters in the planning of tissue corrections in an aesthetic area.

– Digital protocol for planning the volume of the tissue correction.

– Surgical protocols to achieve predictable results.

– Post-surgical soft tissue management protocol.

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