09, June 2018
10:00 – 16:00

Field Isolation in Restorative Dentistry

  1. Understanding different techniques for restorative field isolation.
  2. The state of art of rubber dam isolation
  3. Full clinical guide for successful application of rubber dam in the anterior and posterior regions.
  4. Quick overview on different rubber dam systems.
  5. Quick overview on different types and designs of rubber dam clamps and when to use what.
  6. How to customize your own rubber dam template
  7. How to customize your own rubber dam clamps
  8. Recent tips and tricks in field isolation and how to isolate different complex restorative cases.
  9. The growing era of Teflon in isolation.
  10. Understanding why Teflon became a material of interest
  11. Quick overview on different uses and applications of Teflon in field isolation
  12. Isolation of deeply seated cavities in the anterior and posterior regions.
  13. Problem solving of different clinical challenging scenarios (open discussion)



  1. Rubber dam field isolation in both anterior and posterior regions
  2. Application of Teflon in Field isolation


Duration of the lecture: 4 hrs

Duration of the workshop: 1-2 hrs

Number of Participants: 20-25

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