08, June 2018
15:30 – 17:00

Direct pulp capping-expectations and reality

Direct pulp capping is a method for  vital pulp therapy which is applied in the cases with exposed tooth pulp as a result of the progression of dental caries; in trauma (a fracture of the tooth crown) or while opening during operative treatment of hard dental tissues.

The success of this treatment depends on numerous factors, such as patient’s age and health status, including the parodontal health, oral hygiene, motivation, bad habits etc., and also factors in connection with the tooth itself-hard dental tissues lost the dimension and condition of the exposed pulp, haemoragia and bacterial contamination, which may influence upon the longevity of restoration.

The two key moments of the clinical protocol which can influence the most the healing process after direct pulp capping are the method of hard dental tissue cutting and the choice of the appropriate pulp capping material.

Today, thanks to the development of the high technologies and the creation of new biosynthetic materials the chances for success after vital pulp therapy are increasing. Is it so?! Is it possible to have a healing with a “dentin bridge” forming and when?

Our experimental and histological results prove the differences between three types of pulp capping materials; we also show their adaptation to the pulp chamber with the help of 3D CBCT images. We present a “dentin bridge” in one of the studied pulp capping materials. In a clinical research, using a laser-doppler flowmetry we assess in objective way the pulp status after direct pulp capping and compare the healing process between two methods for tooth preparation.

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