08, June 2018
13:30 – 15:00

Complications in Dental Implantology

The replacement of missing teeth with implant restorations is well documented clinical approach in Dental Medicine. Clinical research results demonstrate 5 and 10 year results of high survival and success rate of implants and prosthetic restorations.

Anyway, clinicians and patients are aware of the fact, that considerable part of the implant patients need an appointment to the doctor of dental medicine, due to various complications, within 5 years following the delivery of the restoration.

The accelerated rates of increasing the number of placed dental implants worldwide in recent years is inevitably leading to increase of complications respectively. Therefore, the diagnostics, prevention and treatment of complications attended with dental implant treatment, are a serious issue in everyday clinical practice.

This presentation is introducing a short survey of the most common complications in Dental Implantology – biologic and hardware, possible treatment approaches and use of illustrations visual aids including various clinical cases.

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