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For 17th time Bulgarian Dental Association organizes its most significant scientific event.

The International Scientific Congress of BgDA will be again an expression of the will and the desire of dentists toward continuous improvement, combined with wonderful organization based on years experience.

The Scientific Congress of BgDA as every year is a part of the Continuing Education Programme of FDI.

For 17th time the Scientific Congress of BgDA attracts and stands out with the participation in its scientific programme of guest lecturers who are representatives of different schools and the best practices in the world. The Bulgarian participation is also dignified because of representatives of the three Faculties of Dental Medicine in Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna, as well as for consecutive year a lecture panel will take place with an international speaker and representatives of Sofia Dental Meeting Association included in it.

Host of the biggest scientific event of BgDA will be again the city with the fragrance of sea and limes – Burgas. The excellent organization of the Congress could hardly take place without the extraordinary support of the Mayor of Burgas – Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, who is also the patron of this event, and without dedicated work of the Deputy Mayor – Dr. Loris Manuelyan. Once again, we had the valuable help and assistance of our colleagues from the regional body of BgDA in Burgas.

The social programme of this Congress has the ambition to make this event more significant not only for the dentist but for the whole society. The themes in the focus of the Congress are with social importance and will be a sound basis for evaluation of the direction in which our profession should be developed.

I truly believe that all participants will feel pure satisfaction and will contribute for the further validation of our Scientific Congress as one of the most fruitful traditions of Bulgarian Dental Association.


With my best wishes for health and success to all participants!


Dr. Borislav Milanov

President of the Organizing Committee

of the 17th Scientific Congress of BgDA

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