Dear colleagues,

Dear friends,

Dear brothers and sisters,

Welcome to the 19th Scientific Congress of the Bulgarian Dental Association in Pomorie.  This year we did not stay true to our traditional venue in Burgas and moved the congress location 20 kilometers to the north. We will return when Burgas prepares to welcome us again and we hope this will happen soon.

The Congress takes place in a significant year for the Bulgarian Dental Association, because it marks the 20th Anniversary since its function was restored by Law and continued its 114 years of existence. Isn`t it marvelous!

Pomorie, or Anchialo if you go by its old name, is an ancient city built in the V century BC. In II – I century BC the independent city of Anchialo was a primary economical center in the area. According to an ancient inscription found in Pomorie and dated back to II century BC a temple of the Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis was built here. Why? We can only speculate. The city lied on the crossroad of history.  Today the viticulture, wine and salt production, fishing, tourism and its touristic accompanying activities shape the modern appearance of Pomorie.

The Scientific Congress! I would like to quote one of our ancestors – Dr. K. Voynov, who said:

Along its other activities the Dental Association aims to: Take care of the scientific refinement of its members; to monitor the development of dentistry and to indicate measures to raise it to the appropriate level in the country.

… Every intellectual (intelligent person) has to go ahead and give something to his nation and his original surrounding. Whoever does not have the ambition to make even a small effort by performing any charitable activity will spend his life either in slumber or in a condemning, unnecessary and unfruitful selfishness. He is not an intellectual (intelligent person).

Give back a little for your profession and your nation and get everything. Be the Salt of the Earth.

The expression “the salt of the Earth” is exactly what comes in mind when mentioning one of the ancient salt marshes in the world.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Ivan Alexiev, Mayor of Pomorie, Mr. Dimitar Nikolov – Mayor of Burgas and Dr. Loris Manuelyan – Deputy Mayor of Burgas  for their exceptional support and hospitality!

I would like to wish you all very sunny days during the 19th Scientific Congress of BgDA, days filled with new knowledge, scientific challenges and do not forget to taste the excellent local wines and have fun!



Sincerely yours,

D-r Nikolai Sharkov


Organizing Committee of the Congress


Bulgarian Dental Association

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