Dear lecturers,

Dear guests,

Dear colleagues,

Dear friends,


It is my pleasure to open the 20th anniversary Scientific Congress of the Bulgarian Dental Association (BgDA), Congress, part of the continuing education of the World Dental Federation (FDI)!

This largest scientific forum in dental medicine has built its authority not only in Bulgaria. It has established itself among the scientific events in Europe and the World and it is no coincidence that it is among the congresses that the FDI supports and recommends every year. Lecturers, whose names are world famous, were, are participating and will participate in our Congress. I want to emphasize that they participate and share their experience selflessly! And this is due to the BgDA and its Board, catching the opportunity to mention the volunteers – colleagues, who are stakeholders and members of the Organizing and Scientific Committees!

Why Burgas? Because there are countless facts and reasons during all these years, which I will try to list briefly: the municipal leadership of the city, led by the mayor of Burgas and his team, the leadership of the State Opera and State Puppet Theater, the Military Club, the House of Lukoil, Burgas Free University, the new International Congress Center, the management of the hotels “Bulgaria”, “Primorets”, “Marina” and “Burgas”, the Burgas media, the Burgas public and the people of Burgas!

Let’s not forget – the sea and the sea breeze, which enter the soul and heart of each of us!

One of the most important things for me during these forums, in addition to acquiring new scientific knowledge and practical skills, is the creation of friendships, warm collegial relations and families, yes – families! This amalgam is the foundation of a strong community such as the BgDA.

We also address the young colleagues of the forum:

Know that the fruits of science are sweet, the roots bitter. Do not stop looking for the knowledge in the truth and the truth in the knowledge. Do not stop working and donating Health! Life will reward you.

Allow me on behalf of the Board of the BgDA, the Organizing and Scientific Committees of the Congress, as well as personally on my behalf to wish you a successful 20th anniversary Scientific Congress of the BgDA!

Be healthy!

God bless you!


Dr. Nikolai Sharkov                    

President of BgDA

President of the Organizing Committee

of 20th Scientific Congress of BgDA

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