08, June 2019
13:00 – 14:20

Tooth Extraction in patients with systemic diseases

Tooth extraction is the a common surgical intervention in dental medicine. It is performt daily in  all dental practices. Almost in all cases she passed   without complications. However, every patients  should be treated carefully  and responsibility. Like any surgical procedures, it could be risks –  during and after surgery. Currently such surgical care is looking for a number of patients with systemic diseases. Most commonly patients with cardiovascular disorders, followed by endocrine disorder, hemorrhagic disease.

In this lecture we present patients with systemic diseases and instancy  of  surgical interventions in the oral cavity. There are also present some relatively not so common diseases for practice. They are consequence of the treatment with some new molecules in medicine and have unavoidable complications when therapeutic protocols are not using correctly.  The most common complications and appropriate treatment approach for such patients are presented. We also focus on algorithm of treatment. The information in the lecture is the basis for better prevention of a number of complications. This is all part of the rules of good medical practice.

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