07, June 2019
15:30 – 17:00

myPOS. A new card payments acceptance solution for dental specialists

myPOS is a payments solution with an all-inclusive nature, created for the small and medium-sized businesses and independent professionals. myPOS is especially beneficial in the professional services area as it provides the opportunity for businesses to accept card payments from their customers easily and securely through POS devices and different online channels.

Every POS device is offered in a package that includes free myPOS current account and business debit MasterCard.

Accepted payments are settled instantly in the free myPOS account of each merchant. Through the free business debit card, accepted funds can be withdrawn from any ATM domestically or internationally. The business debit card can also be used to pay membership fees to international organisations, congresses, seminars, as well as making purchases at all physical or online stores that accept MasterCard.

In addition to accepting payments in their cabinets, dental professionals can use the “Payment Request” service. This service enables sending a payment link to a customer, regardless of their location, and receiving payments instantly and securely.

All myPOS services do not include any initial or monthly fees and now, dental specialists are offered a preferential transaction fee rate/from every accepted payment/ that will be announced at the event.

This year myPOS introduced the first payment device that combines fiscal device, printer and POS device – all-in-one, which is designed specifically for the Bulgarian market and is fully compliant with the N-18 Regulation.

More information on the myPOS services can be found on www.mypos.eu or in the physical showroom in Sofia, bul. James Baucher 76A, Hill Tower.

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