08, June 2019
09:00 – 10:20


Dental medicine is not an isolated discipline but part of general medicine. Pathological processes in the mouth have similar features as ones in other systems and organs and there is mutual dependence and bilateral influence.

General diseases often affect the condition of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth, but an altered oral condition also affects the general health condition. Numerous processes (physiological and pathological) in other parts of the body alter the usual characteristics of the oral cavity, affecting the dentition, the gingiva, the tongue, the mucosa, the saliva, the oral ecosystem, etc. In both dental and general medicine, the same markers may be used.

The oral cavity and its physiological contents are readily available for examination due to non-invasive methods of collection of saliva, dental plaque, oral flora, and epithelial cells. The study is not associated with unpleasant and risky manipulations such as blood collection, gastroscopy or biopsy.

The study of oral pathology and the characterization of the oral cavity components will contribute to a better understanding of ongoing processes, will improve both dental and general diagnosis and therapy. This is the thrust of modern oral medicine – improving the general health of the individual.

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